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    Reunion Giving

    Celebrate with your class, support your alma mater!
    Class reunions are a great way to reconnect and give back to the College on behalf of your class. Classes celebrate reunions every five years from the 5th through the 50th. Reunion 2016 will be celebrated June 3-5, 2016. 

    Gifts and pledges to the College during the fiscal year (June 1 - May 31) are recognized in the class total. Your gift will be counted in the class giving total, which is measured in two ways: total dollars contributed and class participation rate.

    There are many ways to support your class effort. Reunion giving recognizes contributions made to the annual fund; endowment gifts; capital gifts; and planned gifts and bequests. You can make your payments online with a credit card, or you can give cash, stocks and bonds, or mutual fund shares. You can also make a pledge over five years. Five year pledges offer steady support for the College and the entire pledge amount counts towards your class goals.

    Thank you for taking time to consider your gift to the College in honor of your reunion. Make your reunion gift now.

     Grad Year Donor #
    Donor #
    Giving Goal  Giving To-Date
    1966 100  91 $1,000,000  $1,341,423
    1971 80  109 $60,000  $71,020
    1976 80  91 $80,000  $86,840
    1981 110  124 $175,000   $286,759
    1986 80   88 $60,000   $66,304
    1991 80  65 $65,000  $81,845
    1996 60   44 $10,000  $11,470
    2001 45   36 $9,000  $8,275
    2006 60  57 $7,000  $6,909
    2011 60  45 $3,500  $3,887

    (As of 6/2/16)

    Class of 1971 Reunion Committee
    1971 Reunion Class
    Thanks to those who served on the 1971 Reunion Class Committee: 

    Larry Egan
    Sue McSweeney
    Julie (Pigott) Kilbride
    Beth (Engel) Peppone
    Dave White
    Joe Tesori
    Ken Gomez
    Gregg Coughlin
    Ken D'Angelo
    Len Granozio
    Nancy (Steinberger) Wadopian
    Linda (Closter) Bush
    Marcia (Rogers) Mele
    Carol Yozzo
    Theresa (Ryan) Williams
    Mike Meharg
    Dick Maloney
    Frank Price
    John Marshall
    Sam Costa
    Thanks to those who served on the 1976 Reunion Class Committee:

     Jed Cunningham
     Dom Pullano
     Debbie Schoeneck-Monaco
     John Ciero
    Thanks to those who served on the 1981 Reunion Class Committee:

     Maria Randazzo
     Greg Sosa
     John Brennan
     Mary Beth Brennan
     Mike Melara
     Linda Pasquali
     Michael Pasquali

    Thanks to those who served on the 1986 Reunion Class Committee: 

    Sheila Fallon
    Kevin Daley
    KerryAnne Dooley Willett*
    Dennis Delaney
    Kurt Ohliger

    Thanks to those who served on the 1991 Reunion Class Committee:

    Rob Rausch
    Marty Bischoff
    Thanks to those who served on the 1996 Reunion Class Committee:

    Andy Liebhauser
    Tim Williams
    Tracey Damon
    Kevin Kopp

    Thanks to those who served on the 2001 Reunion Class Committee: 

    Barb Marino Mchugh
    Angela Albino
    Ryan Barker
    Lisa Agostino
    Ted Ackerman
    Marci Berney Rusch
    Michael Carey
    Brendan Dowd
    Michelle Middleton Polky
    William O’Brien
    Kristin Reif
    Sheila Stewart Roache
    Greg Teresi
    Rosalynn Trelease
    Michael Van Allen

    Thanks to those who served on the 2006 Reunion Class Committee: 

    Kate Murak Gillete
    Liz Schylinski McCaffery
    Lena Adley McGuinness
    Kelly Gillis
    Jennifer Sheldon
    Lynne Duffy 
    Ellen Magnarelli

    Thanks to those who served on the 2011 Reunion Class Committee:

    Megan Andolina
    Aerik Radley  
    Maggie Donovan
    Dan Theobald
    Wynn Schoeneck
    Chris Desmond
    Mike DiDomenico

    Make a gift online. Ready to invest in the future of Le Moyne students? GIVE NOW