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Integral Honors


Integral Honors

Welcome to the Integral Honors Program!

Integral Honors

The Integral Honors Program is a community of students and faculty from across the campus who share a passion for deep intellectual engagement and the challenges and rewards of scholarly inquiry. Students typically apply to the Integral Honors Program in the spring of their senior year of high school and enter Le Moyne as Integral Honors students in their first semester, but we do have spots available for current students and transfer students. Students from all majors are welcome to become members of the Integral Honors community.

Courses and Requirements

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Integral Honors program, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

Integral Honors Program Director

Holly Rine
Dr. Holly Rine

Associate Professor of History
Reilly Hall 409
(315) 445-4477

Visit Dr. Rine's faculty page.

I received my B.A. in History from Berea College in Berea, Kentucky. I then earned an M.A. in History and Historic Preservation from Middle Tennessee State University. After working as a professional Historic Preservationist for a few years, I decided to work toward my Ph.D., which I earned in 2004 from the University of New Hampshire.

Why join the Integral Honors Program?

If you are intellectually curious, want to explore new ideas, and love stimulating discussions with people who, like you, enjoy the life of the mind, then the Integral Honors Program is for you!

Integral Honors is the highest undergraduate degree the College awards, giving you a competitive advantage when applying for graduate or professional schools, fellowships and scholarships, or jobs after graduation.

Integral Honors is distinctive.

It is interdisciplinary, with courses covering at minimum the core humanities disciplines of English, history, philosophy, and religious studies. Honors courses are taught by professors throughout the college and Honors students come from every major. Even the senior Honors thesis is interdisciplinary!

Honors students have several privileges: early registration, course overloads without charge, an increased printing allowance, and broader library borrowing privileges.

Honors courses are taught by a select team of faculty from a variety of disciplines. Excellent teachers and scholars, they provide honors students with a rich array of perspectives and experiences. Classes are small, which enables free exchange of ideas among peers and enhances student-professor relationships.

Naturally, Honors courses are somewhat more demanding of your intellectual energy, your analytical reading and writing skills, and your time than other courses, but they are meant to challenge you, not to overwhelm you. Thoughtful reflection, openness to new and different viewpoints, and active participation in the discussion of ideas are expected of Honors students. Honors courses are challenging, but the intellectual journey is exciting and the rewards are great.

Yes, absolutely! The revised Honors curriculum even includes study abroad as one option for fulfilling the new Honors requirement for a course with a travel component. If you plan to study abroad, then the Director will assist you in exploring options for including this experience in your Honors program schedule.

Yes--though you will need to plan your course of study, especially your senior year, very carefully with both the Honors Director and your faculty advisor in your second year to accommodate all your required education courses and the Honors thesis. You will also have to use your summers and manage your time well, as your senior Honors thesis drafts will be due a semester earlier than the stated deadlines to accommodate your student-teaching semester.

Second-year students and even the rare third-year student can be admitted to the Honors program, but only if space is available in the class and the students meet other conditions for entrance. Typically, they are either students wait-listed the previous fall, new transfer students (often Honors students at their previous college), or Faculty Scholars.

You may withdraw from the Honors program at any time by following appropriate procedures to ensure that you can graduate without having to complete the remaining Honors program courses.


Get in Touch

Contact the Program Director:

Dr. Holly Rine


(315) 445-4477


Contact the Program:

Reilly Hall 409
Integral Honors Program
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4100


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