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    At Le Moyne College, teaching and advising are top priorities.  Faculty and administrators take student advising seriously. Advisors mentor students and work to develop strong relationships with them as they develop and hone their academic interests.  Students are required to meet with their advisor each semester prior to registering for future course work to ensure that the student is making adequate progress toward degree. To make this happen, a professional staff within the Division of Student Development led by the Assistant Dean for Student Success collaborates with faculty advisors to provide comprehensive academic advising programs tailored to the needs of students at their distinct developmental stages.  These include programs for first-year and transfer students and students who are still exploring their academic interests and who have not yet declared a major.  This office also coordinates the College’s orientation programs, first-year student advising colloquiums, tutoring and writing assistance, and counseling to students who are on academic probation.


    Undeclared? Learn About Your Options


    Haven't declared a major yet? That's ok. Watch as representatives from Academic Advising and one of our current students answer questions, give advice on discovering your areas of interest, and show what resources are available to help you in your journey!

    The Advisor/Advisee Relationship

    A Shared Responsibility: While it is Le Moyne’s intention to foster a supportive relationship between advisor and student, the advisor and the student share the responsibility to develop that relationship. Advisors can provide guidance and mentoring to help students make informed choices. However, the students are ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements of their degree programs.

     It is recommended that students meet on an individual basis with their advisor several times each semester. Meetings are quite important, especially prior to registration, as academic advisors must review the students’ proposed schedules and approve these courses before students register on WebAdvisor. These meetings also promote discussion about the student’s major/minor, possible internships, and career planning. Some departments schedule group advisement to inform students about activities and new classes in the major while others offer programming and events regarding major-related topics, e.g., departmental research opportunities and internships.

    Pre-fall Enrollment.  Advising for first-year students begins prior to the first day of classes.  Once students choose Le Moyne College, they receive Heading to the Heights, a first-year student guide, and access to the Online Advanced Registration System (OARS) that prepares them for a one-day Summer Welcome where they meet with an academic advisor in their major, complete their fall course schedule and take placement tests.  This pre-college program, the first integral step in their orientation to Le Moyne, is designed to acquaint students and their parents primarily with the academic expectations of the first-year experience and the importance of meeting with their advisor. Heading to the Heights

    Summer Welcome is followed by a multi-day Fall Arrival just prior to the beginning of classes in which first-year students have an opportunity to get to know each other as well as our faculty, administrators, and student leaders before current students arrive.  Fall Arrival is an opportunity for students to get to know the members of their class, their faculty, and the personal, academic, and social responsibilities and opportunities at Le Moyne.  On the first day of Fall Arrival, students get to meet their first-year advisor as well as the other members in their major advising cohort.

    Advising in the First Year.  First-year students are assigned to an academic advisor in their major or, if undeclared, with a professional advisor in the Office for Academic Advising and Support.  The students’ first-year advisor should be considered a primary mentor and is critical in helping the new students develop the skills necessary to make valuable decisions throughout their academic career.  First-year students also participate in group advising with their major cohort throughout their first semester via periodic “advising colloquia” with their advisor.  These colloquia help build the relationship between student and advisor early on.

    Departmental Advising: After the first year, Le Moyne assigns upper division faculty advisors to sophomores, juniors and seniors as well as new transfer students.  Each student is advised by the department chair of the major or a faculty designee of the chair. 


    Le Moyne College is gratified that students choose to transfer to Le Moyne because these students, after previous educational experiences elsewhere, have opted to complete their undergraduate education here. Transfer students also enrich the classroom environment because they bring broad experiences and knowledge to the classroom and to our campus community. 

    While new to Le Moyne, transfer students are not new to higher education, and we recognize that difference in our interaction with these (usually) upper division students.   Transfer students will recognize that we offer a distinctive Jesuit education which sets us apart, providing strong learning opportunities to become the best and most proficient in their chosen field but also providing opportunities to pursue more broadly a life of meaning and contribution. Transfer students will notice these distinctions in our intimate class settings, out-of-class experiences led by faculty and others, and as they visit our administrative offices for assistance.

    Because transfer students will often be at Le Moyne for a briefer time, they are strongly encouraged to develop a relationship with their faculty, advisor, and/or department chair, who may be able to offer recommendations and references as students advance to pursue additional education or employment upon graduation.

    Duane Melzer, Advisor for Transfer Student Engagement, is available to assist new transfer students at (315) 445-4775 or

    Tau Sigma (Gamma Pi Chapter).

    Le Moyne College recognizes the academic achievement of the most outstanding transfer students through induction into the Gamma Pi Chapter of Tau Sigma, the national transfer student honor society. Tau Sigma is an academic honor society designed specifically to "recognize and promote the academic excellence and involvement of transfer students." Tau Sigma members are also good resources for incoming transfer students.  Society members provide information to incoming transfer students at Transfer Express Registration, and they serve as mentors during both fall and spring semesters. Please contact Tau Sigma advisor Duane Melzer for more information at (315) 445-4775 or


    Pre-Health Advisement

    The director of pre-health education is the principal advisor for students interested in entering the health professions upon graduation from Le Moyne. Information sessions for prospective applicants to professional schools begin as early as summer orientation when the director of pre-health education meets with incoming first-year students and their parents.

    The director also chairs the Health Professions Advisory Committee. This Committee advises and assists students interested in pursuing careers in health. The chair serves as an information source and principal advisor for those students interested in dentistry, medicine, optometry, podiatry, physicians' assistant programs, veterinary medicine and allied health care fields. The chair furnishes information regarding professional school admission requirements and entrance exams and also conducts informational meetings for prospective applicants to professional schools. At a student's request, members of the Advisory Committee can evaluate the student's undergraduate credentials and formulate official letters of recommendation. Further information regarding the committee and its functions may be obtained from the chair of the committee, Dr. Beth Pritts at (315) 445-4431.

    Pre-Law Advisement

    The director of pre-law education is the principal advisor for students interested in careers in the legal profession. Information sessions for prospective applicants to professional schools begin as early as summer orientation when the director of pre-law education meets with incoming first-year students and their parents. The director also counsels students interested in pursuing careers in the law by providing information on law schools and the LSAT, sponsoring visits from law school admissions personnel, conducting information meetings for Le Moyne students and preparing official college letters of recommendation on behalf of student applicants.



    In keeping with the Jesuit tradition of cura personalis, recognizing the development and success of the whole person, and understanding that each student learns differently, Le Moyne College offers a variety of free academic support services.  Tutoring@LeMoyne is located on the first floor of the Library and is available to all students. Available are:

    • One-on-one tutoring in content areas
    • Writing assistance from a professional writing tutor
    • Study groups
    • Assistance with learning strategies and study skills
    • Academic support and counseling for students on academic probation
    • Consultations for ESOL students

    Before their first tutoring appointment, students register online with tutoring@LeMoyne.  They can then schedule regular appointments on line at convenient times in selected content areas. 

    For more information, contact:

    Library, 1st floor
    (315) 445-4177




    Le Moyne College provides its international students support regarding their immigration status. All undergraduate and graduate students who are studying at Le Moyne under the direction of an F-1 student visa receive assistance on issues such as maintaining status, employment, practical training, etc. They are also required to attend an international orientation upon their entrance into Le Moyne. This session provides students with valuable information regarding immigration regulations. Due to immigration guidelines, all F-1 students must complete their immigration registration paperwork during the first two weeks of each semester. In addition, they are required to maintain full-time enrollment and meet all other immigration regulations. Contact the Assistant Director of Global Education for more information, email or call (315) 445-4597. 

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