A Foot In The Door

When the time comes to look for a job, nothing is more valuable than real-world experience. Last year more than 200 students honed their skills and gained a sneak peak at their professional lives by completing internships around the country. Le Moyne student interns have worked for a variety of prestigious companies and organizations, including ABC, Anheuser-Busch Companies Inc., Bank of NY Mellon, ESPN, Habitat for Humanity, JP Morgan Chase and Lockheed Martin. The staff in the Office of Career Advising and Development helps to connect students to these internship opportunities.

Current Internship Supervisors by Department/Major/Minor:
Arts Administration: Travis Newton, newtontm@lemoyne.edu
Biology: Patrick Yurco, yurcopj@lemoyne.edu
Business Administration: George Kulick, kulick@lemoyne.edu
Business - Accounting: Mitchell Franklin, franklma@lemoyne.edu
Business Analytics: John Hunter, hunterjg@lemoyne.edu
Business – Finance: George Kulick, kulick@lemoyne.edu
Business – Information Systems: Martha Grabowski, grabowsk@lemoyne.edu
Business – Management and Leadership: George Kulick, kulick@lemoyne.edu
Business – Marketing: Margie Ierlan, ierlanmt@lemoyne.edu
Chemistry: Anna O’Brien, obrienak@lemoyne.edu
Communication and Film Studies: Leslie Streissguth, streislb@lemoyne.edu
Computer Science: David Vorhees, voorhedp@lemoyne.edu
Criminology: Frank Ridzi, ridzifm@lemoyne.edu
Economics: Ted Shepard, shepard@lemoye.edu
English: Maura Brady, bradymt@lemoyne.edu - David Lloyd, Creative Writing, lloyd@lemoyne.edu Environmental Studies: Larry Tanner, tannerlh@lemoyne.edu
French: Josefa Alvarez, alvarej@lemoyne.edu
History: Leigh Fought, foughtlk@lemoyne.edu
Human Resource Management: Renee Downey Hart, downeyrv@lemoyne.edu
Information Systems & Software Applications and Systems Development: Martha Grabowski, grabowsk@lemoyne.edu
Mathematics: Trijya Singh, singht@lemoyne.edu
Peace and Global Studies: James Snyder, snydejat@lemoyne.edu
Philosophy: Irene Liu, liui@lemoyne.edu
Physics: David Craig, craigda@lemoyne.edu
Political Science: James Snyder, snydejat@lemoyne.edu
Psychology: Dept. Chair and/or Mark and Michelle Vincequerra , vinciqmr@lemoyne.edu , vinciqma@lemoyne.edu
Religious Studies: Fred Glennon, glennon@lemoyne.edu
Sociology: Frank Ridzi, ridzifm@lemoyne.edu
Software Applications and Systems Development: Martha Grabowski, grabowsk@lemoyne.edu
Spanish: Josefa Alvarez, alvarej@lemoyne.edu
Theatre Arts: Lindsey Sikes-Vorhees, sikeslq@lemoyne.edu