Why Study Finance at Le Moyne College?

Consider the literally millions of transactions that occur around the world each day tied in some way to finance: a realtor finalizes a home sale... a stock price fluctuates... signatures seal the deal on a commercial loan application... corporate bonds are issued... new companies launch and existing companies declare bankruptcy.

These and countless other moments don't happen on their own. They were the result of smart, forward-thinking individuals who have chosen a career in finance. The innermost workings of successful businesses rely on a firm financial foundation, and companies count on those in finance roles -- such as analysts and planners, business advisors, stockbrokers, investor relations associates and the like -- to chart their course. 

Program Highlights

Le Moyne's finance program educates students to become resourceful, decisive, respected leaders in the finance world, through courses such as Modern Security Analysis, Distress Investing, Investment Management, International Financial Management, Corporate Risk Management, among others.  Students will learn how to sharpen their professional skills in the areas such as data gathering, market tactics, management team consulting, strategic planning, investor relations, financial model research and beyond. They will master how to manage a portfolio and maximize its return, allocate assets, evaluate corporate investment projects, identify risks, and develop analytical skills to solve practical issues that arise in dynamic financial environments.

Our Stories
Photo Johnny Santiago

Johnny Santiago

/ 2015

I believe that this program has prepared me to be employed at a high level.

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Photo Steve Gorczynski

Kerrigan Coyle

/ 2016

The well-rounded background of a Le Moyne education is critical especially in a changing industry like banking

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Photo Class of 2018

Class of 2018

/ 2018

Take one last look back at Commencement 2018

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Career opportunities for finance majors can be found in the financial industry and the corporate world, including commercial and investment banking, investment management, financial advising, and corporate finance.


Finance Major
Distinctive Courses: Modern Security Analysis, Distress Investing, Investment Management, International Financial Management, Corporate Risk Management

Dual Major in Finance and Business Analytics
Dual Major in Finance and Information Systems

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities in Finance, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

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