Frederick Glennon

Frederick Glennon

Department Chair

Reilly Hall 216
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4343


Ph.D., Emory University
Professor (1992)

Fred Glennon's field of teaching and research is in the areas of Religion, Social Ethics, and Society, particularly their interrelationship with public policies on welfare, poverty, and labor markets. His most recent co-authored work in this area, “The Religious Ethics of Labor,” was published in the Journal of Religious Ethics (June 2017). He teaches the following courses: REL 405: Ethics from the Perspective of the Oppressed; REL 336: Comparative Religious Ethics and Social Concerns (also online); REL 314: Church and State; REL 200: Religious Perspectives; THE 237: Christian Social Ethics (also online); and THE 210: Faith and the Religious and Theoretical Roots of Social Justice. As a Carnegie National Scholar (2001-2002), Fred also engages in the scholarship of teaching and learning, in which the classroom setting becomes a locus of sustained scholarly focus. The result of that project was the publication, "Experiential Learning and Social Justice Action: An Experiment in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning," in Teaching Theology and Religion (February 2004), which continues to be cited by other scholars in the field. His service to the American Academy of Religion (AAR) includes serving as the Editor of Spotlight on Teaching (2013-2017), having served as Chair of the Academic Relations Committee (2005-2010), as a member of the Board of Directors (2005-2010), as a member of the Executive Committee of the Board (2008-2010), and as Co-Chair of the Ethics Section (1999-2002). He received the AAR’s Excellence in Teaching Award (2008). At Le Moyne, he has been honored with the Kevin G. O'Connell, SJ Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Humanities (1999-2002) and the Robert O’Brien, SJ Service Award (2014). For a more complete listing of his background, experience, and research interests, see his Teaching Portfolio and Curriculum Vita.

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