Degree in 3 Program in Nursing

The Degree in 3 B.S. in Nursing represents a unique partnership between Le Moyne College's Department of Nursing and the Pomeroy College of Nursing at Crouse Hospital. Students will be dually enrolled at Le Moyne College and Pomeroy College of Nursing, earning both an associate in applied science and a bachelor’s degree with a major in nursing.


With an academically rigorous schedule, students are enrolled for three consecutive fall and spring semesters, three summer and winter terms as well as one Maymester. This program is designed for students who wish to enter the workforce or pursue a graduate degree more quickly than they would with the traditional four-year degree.

Program Highlights

Students get the best of both worlds - an on-campus experience and extensive clinical practice. Features of the program include:

  • Three-year condensed program of study
  • Associate degree AND bachelor’s degree with a major in nursing
  • Dual matriculation at both Le Moyne and Pomeroy colleges
  • Tuition costs lower than a traditional four-year degree at a private college
  • Financial aid and tuition payments coordinated through Le Moyne
  • On-campus learning and living experience at Le Moyne
  • Student support for success: academic advisement, peer mentoring and tutoring
  • Extensive nursing educational resources and clinical opportunities

Program Goals


Graduates of the program will become practitioners, leaders, and scholars responding to the challenges of the dynamic healthcare environment of the twenty-first century. The program seeks to develop nursing professionals who:
  1. Apply principles from the liberal arts and sciences in the delivery of patient care.
    • Plan and provide safe, competent, patient-centered care utilizing nursing process, scientific principles, critical thinking skills, caring behaviors, and cultural sensitivity in a variety of health care settings for the individual, family or groups with complex needs.
  2. Communicate effectively as part of the inter-professional team.
    • Model effective (written, verbal, and nonverbal) communication skills within professional practice.
    • Integrate current technology and evidence-based practice in the promotion of health, the support of professional communication, and the enhancement of lifelong learning.
  3. Examine nursing practice and health policy in relation to health equity and social justice
    • Exemplify the standards of professional nursing practice.
  4. Design a plan for compassionate care for the well-being of individuals, groups, and populations along the continuum of illness to wellness.
    • Collaborate with individuals, significant support persons, and members of the healthcare team to plan, implement, and evaluate care to promote positive health outcomes for the individual, families or groups with complex needs.


Admission Criteria & Requirements

Admission to the Joint A.A.S./B.S. in Nursing program will be based on the following:

  • Minimum high school cumulative average of 90 or college GPA of 3.5
  • Minimum 1200 SAT score (Critical Reading and Math only) or minimum 27 ACT score
  • Required high school courses. Applicants must graduate from an accredited high school and must complete a minimum of 16 academic units in the following distribution:
    • English (4)
    • Foreign Language (3)
    • Mathematics (3-4)
    • Natural Science (3-4, including chemistry and biology)
    • Social Studies (3-4)
  • Recommendations. Applicants are required to submit one letter of recommendation from a school counselor; or two letters of recommendation from teachers, employers, coaches, etc; and one recommendation from a supervisor who can attest to the applicant’s demonstrated commitment to the healthcare field.
  • Required interview (by invitation only)
  • 50 hours of patient contact or relevant volunteer experience documented by a supervisor (preferred)