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    Le Moyne College 3+3 Baccaluareate/Participating Law School Juris Doctor Agreements
    Le Moyne College is entering into a number of 3+3 Agreements with excellent, American Bar Association-accredited law schools that allow qualified Le Moyne students to attend one of the participating law schools and finish their degrees at both institutions within six (6) years total. This cuts one full academic year off of the usual requirement to complete both.

    Qualified Le Moyne College students will complete three years of undergraduate studies at Le Moyne College before entering the first year of law school at one of the participating law schools. Le Moyne students who have fulfilled their undergraduate degree requirements in their respective major will receive their Le Moyne baccalaureate degree upon successful completion of that first year of law school.

    That’s good news that only gets better: depending upon the law school, there may also be significant tuition savings benefits for qualifying Le Moyne students.

    Please note: the 3+3 Agreements currently involve Le Moyne majors in Political Science, English, History, Philosophy or Psychology only. Further, these 3+3 agreements are rigorous, with strict academic criteria for success. Participation requires intellectual ability, perseverance, excellent grades, a qualifying score on the LSAT, and demonstrated maturity. These agreements do not guarantee recommendation by Le Moyne College for admission to one or more of the participating law schools, nor do they guarantee admission to those law schools. Participation is not for everyone, and not everyone who starts out will succeed. But the director of the Le Moyne 3+3 Committee, Prof. James T. Snyder, Esq., will be there with you each semester, checking your progress and making recommendations to let you know if you’re on track or not.

    For more information, click on the links below for the specific terms, conditions and requirements applicable to each 3+3 Agreement and our participating law schools.

    Syracuse University College of Law:
    1. General Description
    2. Statement of Student Understanding

    University of Buffalo School of Law:
    1. Statement of Student Understanding

    Suffolk University Law School:
    1. General Description
    2. Statement of Student Understanding