Excellent Scholarship Opportunity

Le Moyne College has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation grant to provide scholarships for talented juniors and seniors majoring in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to become secondary school teachers. Each Noyce scholar will receive up to full-tuition for the fall semester, the spring semester, and the J-mester/May-mester, in their  junior and senior years. Graduate students seeking initial STEM teaching certification may also be eligible to apply for the Noyce Scholarship during their last 14 months of study.

Why become a STEM teacher? 


The Noyce scholar will receive the following additional benefits:

  1. Guaranteed research opportunity in your respective major during the fall of your senior year.
  2. A special 1 credit J-mester course in your senior year turning your research into a lesson plan.
  3. Paid summer internships in Central New York State (e.g., Museum of Science and Technology, Baltimore Woods Nature Center, Onondaga County Libraries, or Rosamond Gifford Zoo).
  4. Professional development workshops with local teachers and other Noyce Scholars to develop relevant cultural competence, pedagogical knowledge, and disposition to be a successful teacher in a high-need school.


About the Program
Physics Student

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholars will play a critical role in filling the urgent need for secondary teachers of STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Le Moyne College has been awarded a prestigious National Science Foundation grant to provide scholarships for talented juniors and seniors majoring in STEM fields to become secondary school teachers.

Students in Research

  1. Selection of Noyce Scholars is primarily based on academic merit (minimum GPA 3.0 within STEM major and in education).
  2. Consideration will also be given to financial need and the diversity of the participants in the program.
  3. Evidence of academic courses and early clinical teaching experiences, including the preparation necessary to meet requirements for teacher certification or licensing, designed to prepare students to teach STEM in high-need educational agencies.


  • Must be U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident alien.
  • Enrolled in a STEM (biology, chemistry, mathematics or physics) baccalaureate degree.
  • Must graduate with a major in a STEM discipline and obtain teacher certification or licensing upon completion of the program.
  • Be prepared to teach in a qualified high-need school district anywhere in the country, such as (but not limited to) Syracuse City School District, for two years for each full year of a scholarship received. The Teacher Cancellation Low-Income Directory will be used as a guide to determine if a school qualifies as high-need. Commitment must be fulfilled within eight years after completing the program. Failure to comply with the full-time teaching requirement will result in scholarship transitioning to a loan obligation payable over 10-year term at a fixed 5% interest rate.
  • Students from underrepresented backgrounds and those who may not have previously considered a career in secondary STEM teaching are particularly encouraged to apply.

Smart Glasses

Students who are interested in applying for the Noyce Scholarship need to submit the following application materials (Items 1-3) as one pdf file to maw@lemoyne.edu

  • Academic transcripts, with 3.0 GPA in STEM and education courses.
  • A personal statement (no more than 2 pages) explaining why you would like to be a Noyce Scholar.
  • A cover sheet with full contact information, including your home address, email address, and phone number by which you may be reached.
  • Two letters of reference (one focusing on STEM aspects and one focusing on teaching or education-related experiences) submitted directly to maw@lemoyne.edu
  • Deadline: Rolling