Working While in School

Federal work-study jobs are available in such areas as the library, administrative offices, the Athletic Center, science laboratories, and off-campus agencies. Eligibility is determined by each student’s FAFSA and the availability of funding from the government. There are also various departments that hire non-work study students from their own departmental budgets. Students generally average eight hours per week and are paid on a biweekly basis. Income raised from federal work-study jobs cannot be deducted from the bill sent by the Bursar’s Office, as these funds are paid directly to the student.

There is no guarantee of employment as placement will depend on the number of jobs available each academic year. Students who have been awarded work-study in their financial aid package will be contacted during the summer for potential employment and will receive priority during the hiring process. Students not awarded federal work-study opportunities should contact the Financial Aid Office for a campus job application.