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From the President

Change is Revelatory
One of my favorite responsibilities is welcoming a new class of students to the Heights. The mixture of pride, nerves and excitement that accompanies this tradition is palpable – and energizing.

Highlights from the Current Issue

Infusion of Business Grit
By almost any measure, Armon Nasseri, MBA ’22 is a skillful multitasker. Still, he may have surprised even himself when he found time to start a business, a beverage company called Tea Infusions, while he was a student-athlete.

Counter Culture
Here on the Heights, the humanities are thriving. The College recognizes that study of the humanities remains an integral part of liberal arts education in general and Jesuit education in particular. At a time when other schools have elected to reduce funding, the College is devoting more resources to the academic disciplines that make up the humanities.

Agents of Change
"One of the great things about being a student at Le Moyne is that you can leave your mark on the campus – and the world – before you even graduate. That’s part of what drew us to the College and inspired the founding of Peace Action Le Moyne (PALM) in early 2021"

Finding One's Way
In looking at the world of work, we often let ourselves imagine that entering it was easier in the past, the way well-worn and clearly laid out. However, that has never really been the case. What has remained a solid truth is that relationships and understanding what we bring to them have been the key to connecting with opportunities over time






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