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    Photo Janiah Cavil

    July 01, 2023

    Tips for Finding New Friends in College

    As you venture into college, it can be exciting and daunting to think about starting over, leaving your friends and family behind, and stepping out of your comfort zone to make new friends. You are not alone, believe me! Every incoming freshman is in the same boat as you; here are a few pointers to help you adjust to your new surroundings and establish new friends. 


    1. Attend Orientation

    This is a crucial campus-wide event that you should not miss. In fact, it was at this gathering that I first met some of my friends. During orientation, you will be grouped and collaborate with other new freshmen from all across the country! This is an excellent opportunity to participate in team building activities and learn how to step outside of your comfort zone before the semester begins.


    2. Join a club or organization
    On campus, there are over 80 clubs to join, including academic clubs, cultural organizations, service groups, intramural sports, student government, and more. What could be better than joining a club or organization that allows you to meet new individuals who share your interests?


    3. Attend Campus Events
    Campus life at Le Moyne hosts a plethora of fantastic events, with lots of ways to participate. From concerts to trivia nights to guest speakers to large campus-wide gatherings with food trucks and activities to do!  Attending those events will allow you to meet new people on campus from various years and majors. 


    4. Be open minded 
    Being open to the unknown is the most essential thing you can do for yourself. Your future self will be grateful. College is an important part of life since it allows you to discover who you truly are, regardless of your background. You'll also come across and meet individuals from different walks of life. You never know who you'll meet or what you'll learn!


    Without a doubt, starting college can be overwhelming. However, think of it as a fantastic experience that will allow you to form long-lasting friendships. You can do it! 

    Janiah Cavil '23
    Marketing & Management Leadership

    Category: Student Voices