Welcome to Information Technology

Desktop Registration

Connecting to the Le Moyne Residential Computing Network

Students living in campus residences are required to register their computers with Information Technology if they wish to access the campus network and the internet. The DeskReg system gives Information Technology the ability to monitor the security of our campus network, Identify users connected to the campus network, and ensure that only authorized members of the Le Moyne Community are allowed to access campus network resources and connect computers on the campus network. DeskReg is a simple web-based process that requires students to provide information about their computer and automatically captures other information when they first attempt to access the internet. Students will be required to verify that their computers are virus and spyware free and download a software agent onto their computer that will automatically install the following:

  • Patchlink- software to manage windows patches
  • ePO- antivirus and antispyware management component
  • McAfee Virusscan
  • McAfee Antispyware

Students living on campus are required to use the College provided antivirus software. Personal antivirus software should be completely uninstalled prior to coming to campus.