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    Why Study Environmental Studies at Le Moyne?


    Recent events make the connection between social behavior and natural systems abundantly clear. In Le Moyne’s environmental studies major, students acquire the scientific, social, and cultural knowledge necessary to address the complex interactions between society and the environment. In this major, students address problems in a comprehensive fashion by integrating their knowledge of social processes and the foundations of environmental science. Drawing upon interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, environmental studies majors are prepared to work for a more ecologically sustainable and socially just world.


    Program Highlights

    Offered through the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, the environmental studies major is an interdisciplinary program of study that prepares students for a wide range of careers. To ensure that students are prepared for a rapidly changing field, this major features courses in:

    ·       Biology
    ·       Chemistry
    ·       Environmental Studies
    ·       Anthropology
    ·       Economics
    ·       Political Science
    ·       Sociology
    ·       Mathematics
    ·       Writing and Communications

    Our Stories


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    Morgan Nivison

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    Jason Luscier

    / 2016

    It feels pretty incredible to have my inspiration come full circle in such a way

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    Samantha Peltz

    / 2017

    She'd found her calling.

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    Students graduating with a B.S. in Environmental Studies find employment with local and regional planning boards, local and regional government, NGOs, print or electronic media, and private sector business and industry. Students also pursue graduate study in environmental law, governmental policy, environmental marketing, and environmental studies.


    B.S. in Environmental Studies

    Minor in Environmental Studies

    Distinctive Courses:  Ecology of Place: England's River Thames, Sustainability: Ecological Entrepeneurship

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