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 In the Department of Visual and Performing Arts you will find many exciting opportunities to work, play, advance or discover your craft in Theatre, Music, Dance, and Art. Here at Le Moyne College we work together to form an exciting, challenging, and nurturing environment that is both encouraging and welcoming. We hope you will join us in our celebration of the arts, whether it be as a participant or an audience member. We invite you to explore our website and get in touch with us further at pac@lemoyne.edu or by calling (315) 445-4523.







 Theatre Major Accepted into National Theatre Institute

Junior Theatre/PGS Major Travis Milliman has been accepted into the prestigious National Theatre Institute. This highly selective program receives hundreds of applications every year from college students around the country, only accepting between 10 to15 students per semester to participate in the rigorous intensive training at the O'Neill Theatre Center in Connecticut and at the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. Milliman is the second Le Moyne theatre student to receive this honor, following Rhiannon Williams who was accepted and attended the program in 2012.

Work first performed at the O'Neill has gone on to regional theaters, Broadway, film, and television.  Students and professionals who have honed their skills at the O'Neill can be seen in these venues every day across the nation and world.  Staff and alumni from the O'Neill have won every major award in theater arts.  The O'Neill itself is the recipient of two Tony® Awards, in 2010 for Regional Theatre, and in 1979 for Theatrical Excellence






Vision Statement 

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Le Moyne College believes that creative expression enhances awareness of the world around us and reflects the basic human search for meaning. We value the pursuit of artistic expression through its processes and forms as fundamental to the development of individuals and their communities. 


Mission Statement

The Department of Visual and Performing Arts at Le Moyne College provides all students opportunities for artistic engagement by offering instruction, participation in, and exposure to its component disciplines. The department inspires, challenges, and encourages students to combine creative and intellectual learning by communicating through the languages of art, music, theatre, and dance.