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College of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is at the core of who we are and what we do here at Le Moyne. It is the academic center and intellectual hub of our Jesuit institution, committed to transformative education rooted in the liberal arts. Arts and Sciences is home to the Core Curriculum, an array of engaging academic majors, and nationally recognized scholars and artists. Our talented faculty and staff maintain an unwavering commitment to delivering a rigorous, high-quality, student-centered education in the Jesuit tradition.

The College of Arts and Sciences is equally committed to maintaining a warm and supportive learning environment for its diverse student body. The College has long been a source of inspirational teachers and superb mentors who believe in the personal success of our students. Our faculty and staff's goal is not only to educate individuals who will excel in their chosen fields, but also to develop ethical, conscientious, and globally-focused citizens who will promote a more peaceful and just society.

We welcome your interest in the College of Arts and Sciences at Le Moyne!

Kate Costello-Sullivan, Ph.D
Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Meet our students, faculty, and alumni
Le Moyne is a diverse learning community that strives for academic excellence in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition. We offer an educational experience that goes far beyond textbooks and classrooms.
Veronica Ung-Kono Fighting Poverty from Afar

Veronica Ung-Kono ’18 spent the summer advocating for the world’s poor from her desktop. A political science and communications major with a pre-law concentration, she interned with The Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization that lobbies for quality education, access to proper health care, and enough food for the world’s poor.

Jason Luscier Le Moyne's Bird Man

Jason Luscier, assistant professor of biological sciences, begins his workday early – around 4:30 a.m. He is up with the birds – literally. Luscier regularly traverses the City of Syracuse as the sun is beginning to rise, exploring the parks, commercial regions and residential neighborhoods, his eyes and ears sharply attuned to the avian life around him.

Tiny Home for Good A Place of Their Own

A place of their own – for homeless men and women in Syracuse, there is no greater wish than that. Yet for too many a home of their own seems hopelessly out of reach. Andrew Lunetta ’12 is expending all of his energy to make that dream a reality.

About the College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences is the largest of the three academic divisions at Le Moyne College. It encompasses 14 departments, 12 programs, and a broad range of academic majors and minors across the humanities, social sciences, sciences, and visual and performing arts. The College also plays a key role in preparing undergraduates for careers in the health professions, is home to the Integral Honors Program, administers the Core Curriculum, and contributes significantly to centers of excellence on campus. Supported by a dedicated staff and other instructional faculty, the College’s 120 full-time faculty members deliver three quarters of Le Moyne’s courses each semester, produce high quality scholarship and performances, and manifest a strong commitment to the success and personal well-being of their students.

Connect with Arts & Sciences

Our Next Natural Science Seminar

Upcoming Seminars
Friday, October 28

Thaddeus Sim, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Business Analytics, Le Moyne College
"Nature-Inspired Techniques for Solving Business and Societal Problems"
Science Center Addition, Room 100, 3:30-4:30pm
Click here for the full schedule of Fall 2016 Natural Science seminars.

Our Next Social Sciences Seminar

Tuesday, October 25

Dr. Brenda Kirby
Department of Psychology; Le Moyne College
"But There Was No Body! Insights from Doing Jury Deliberation Research”

Reilley Room (Reilly Hall 446), 4:00 pm
Presentation and Q&A: 4-5 pm; time to socialize: 5-5:30 pm
Click here for the full schedule of Fall 2016 Social Science seminars.

Centers of Excellence

Le Moyne has become a key player within the regional business and educational arenas through activities associated with the College’s Centers of Excellence.

Why Study the Liberal Arts? Le Moyne graduates leave here with a strong intellectual capacity, a tolerance of ambiguity and the ethical foundation to succeed professionally and to thrive personally–all of which is our mission, and our privilege. Learn more about the liberal arts

Faculty SpotLight

Douglas Egerton

Douglas Egerton


History, many have stated, has a way of repeating itself. Professor Egerton's latest book may have struck a chord because of this very premise. "Perhaps because much of it sounds so oddly familiar to the modern ear," Egerton said, when asked why his book, "The Wars of Reconstruction," has gotten so much attention.

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