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Physics is the foundation of all physical science, the study of the fundamental principles by which nature operates. Physics students at Le Moyne enjoy close working relationships with their classmates and with the physics faculty in a course of study that includes in-depth exploration of the physics of electromagnetic fields, analytical mechanics, electronics, computational techniques, relativity, and quantum mechanics. Laboratory courses introduce students to experimental technique and advanced laboratory electronics and equipment while investigating in-depth the physics of classical and quantum systems. Even non-lab courses frequently incorporate hands-on elements so that students develop a solid understanding of the connection between the physical world and the theory studied in classes. All physics students complete a semester-long capstone project of their own design that marries individual interests with the knowledge mastered in coursework.

With a strong liberal-arts background, a Le Moyne educated physics graduate is just as prepared to enter graduate school to become a working physicist as to begin medical or law school, or to embark on careers in science or technical writing, teaching, finance, or engineering.

Engineering Opportunities

The department also partners with the College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University to offer a range of dual-degree Bachelor's + Master's tracks in engineering.

Visit our Engineering page for more information.

Learning Goals

The Physics program is designed such that its graduates achieve five learning goals.

  1. Conversance with fundamental bodies of physical knowledge
  2. Development of analytical and mathematical skills
  3. Development of fundamental laboratory skills
  4. Cultivation of scientific communication skills
  5. Development of research skills

Physics Courses and Requirements

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Physics major, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

Detailed program guides for all physics degree tracks can be found here.

Meet the Faculty

David Craig

David A. Craig

Professor View Bio
Stamatios Kyrkos

Stamatios Kyrkos

Associate Professor View Bio
Christopher Bass

Christopher Bass

Assistant Professor View Bio

Get in Touch

Contact the Program Director:

Dr. David A. Craig


(315) 445-4663


Contact the Department:

Coyne Science Center 116
Department of Chemistry and Physics
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


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