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Welcome to the Department of Accounting!

We recognize the importance accounting holds on the individual companies and industries as a whole. Our AACSB accredited Madden School of Business accounting program, is structured to develop well rounded professional and ethical students who are ready to contribute to the field immediately upon graduation. The hallmark of our program is the strong connection to employers in the public and private sectors.

Alumni Quotes

Bradley Canino, ‘13 Elijah Watts Sells Award winner- The award is bestowed upon candidates who have obtained a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the Uniform CPA Examination, completed testing during the 2013 calendar year and passed all four sections of the Examination on their first attempt. More than 94,154 individuals sat for the Examination in 2013, with 55 candidates meeting the criteria to receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

"I graduated from Le Moyne in 2013 through the 5-year B.S. Accounting and MBA program. I also completed the Integral Honors Program, which included my thesis on the anti-mafia movement in Sicily. Growing up near Syracuse and knowing the success of the Le Moyne accounting program, choosing to attend was an easy decision. What I did not expect, however, was the incredible ability of a refined Jesuit education to turn a timid and self-serving teenager into tenacious, inspired, and thoughtful young professional. The faculty and peer mentors that flooded my life upon enrollment coupled with the academic rigor and multiple internship opportunities prepared me above and beyond for my next endeavors.

After graduation I spent two years working as an auditor at the largest "Big 4" accounting firm, PwC, in their NYC office servicing real estate private equity and public REIT clients. Upon receiving my CPA license, I moved to the global investment bank UBS and took a position as an equity research associate. I am quite confident that the technical skills, resilience, and general thrill of a new challenge that Le Moyne instilled in me will quickly lead to success in this role and any subsequent roles."

Accounting Alumni Recruiter Perspectives

Anthony Abboud, '94
Principal at Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa, CPA, P.C.

“I chose Le Moyne because of its great reputation in accounting, but graduated with much more than an education.  The combination of business and liberal arts classes shaped me as a well-rounded person, assisting me in all aspects of life.  Most importantly, the respect that Le Moyne has earned within the community provides me with endless opportunities for professional and social growth.”

John D. Marshall, ’71
Partner at The Bonadio Group - CPAs, Consultants & More

“Our very first entry level hire was a Le Moyne College graduate in 1979, and we have been actively recruiting at Le Moyne ever since.  Over 25% of our current professional staff in our Syracuse office are Le Moyne alumnae, more than any other college.  In addition to excellent accounting and business academic training, we have found that Le Moyne graduates have very good analytic thought processes and verbal and written communication skills.  These skills are very important in today’s business world, and Le Moyne College’s strong liberal arts foundation is at the core of this preparation.”

Thomas Fiscoe, ‘77
Managing Partner at Dannible & McKee, LLP

“The Madden School and its continued development is just another reason we will continue to recruit and retain the best and the brightest that Le Moyne has to offer. The continued development of programs and curriculum are certainly evidenced by the skills exhibited by Le Moyne graduates. As they begin their careers with Dannible & McKee we have every confidence that they have the analytical skills and personal characteristics to succeed in their chosen career path. “

Joseph M. Mocciaro
Partner at Bowers & Company CPAs PLLC

“Le Moyne consistently graduates high quality accounting students who are prepared to enter the work force and immediately contribute to the firm they work for.  As a recruiter for a local CPA firm, I am always impressed with the way that the professors advocate for their students and make efforts to ensure every student gets an opportunity in the recruiting season.”

Recent Accounting Alumni
Photo Maria Zumpano

Maria Zumpano

Madden School of Business / 2014

Meeting many successful professionals from Le Moyne showed me the real life impact of a Le Moyne education

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Photo Sebastian Notaro

Sebastian Notaro

Madden School of Business / 2014

Knowing is one thing, but being able to apply what you know is another

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Photo Joshua Klepfer

Joshua Klepfer

Madden School of Business / 2013

I look forward to a career in Public Accounting

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Mission Statement

The Department of Accounting in the Madden School of Business strives to educate and develop graduates to manage, thrive and lead in public accounting, corporate and other related business positions.

Our program will prepare students at every level to excel by focusing on the fundamentals of ethical decision- making in the accounting profession through the spirit of inquiry. The Jesuit tradition of developing both the intellect and the whole person translates into accounting professionals who concern themselves not only with the financial health of an organization, but with contributions to society as a whole. The Department of Accounting program will be characterized by rigorous curricula grounded in the liberal arts and offered in a personalized learning environment. The faculty, in partnership with alumni, provide a connection to the business community and collaborate to advance knowledge and the application of accounting theory and practice.

Vision Statement

The Department of Accounting aspires to: 

• Provide accounting education that is continuously improving in order to prepare students for the dynamic business environment;
• Offer multiple opportunities for challenging applied learning experiences;
• Articulate, integrate and apply Le Moyne’s Jesuit and liberal arts traditions to our teaching, research and service; and
• Enhance the interaction and collaboration among faculty and students;
• Maintain high standards of integrity and ethics.

Learning Goals and Objectives

Click on any goal to read more:

Learning Goal 1: Audit and Assurance

Graduates will develop the ability to describe and apply functions necessary to provide assurance to outside stakeholders that financial information is reported consistent with accounting principles and that adequate internal controls are applied to protect accounting and financial results.

Students will:

  • Describe and design an audit approach.
  • Demonstrate the ability to perform appropriate tests of controls as well as tests of transactions.
  • Create a audit plan to perform analytical controls and substantive tests of transactions using appropriate technology utilized by the leading audit firms.
  • Apply results of the audit approach and appropriate tests through communication of findings to interested outside stakeholders as well as the audit committee of the client.
  • Evaluate decisions made by audit professionals and the impact these decisions have on society, specifically employees and financial markets through real life case studies and ethical implications of many decisions the auditor will encounter.
Learning Goal 2: Financial Reporting and Analysis

Graduates will demonstrate the skills to prepare, interpret and analyze financial statements for decision making. The ability to analyze financial statements is based on the understanding of accounting principles.

The graduate will have the ability to perform necessary research of necessary reporting guidelines and apply the appropriate rules in the preparation of financial reports. Financial reports that are not adequately prepared can have a significant impact on investment decisions and stakeholders outside of the organization.

Students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to apply, analyze and synthesize the role of the accounting information system, specifically the role of the accounting environment, the accounting process, balance sheet, income statement and related profitability analysis.
  • Apply principles of economic resources relating to cash, inventories and property, plant and equipment to financial reporting and the financial decision making process.
  • Evaluate reporting principles pertaining to financial instruments and analyze valuation of investments, current liabilities, bonds, leases, pensions and shareholder equity and apply these principles to the decision making process.
  • Become proficient and synthesize the linkage between financial statements and income tax reporting.

Graduates will:
  • Evaluate and show the impact of book tax differences that impact the financial statement and tax return and apply the linkage to the decision making process.
  • Synthesize issues relating to currency differences and accounting of related business entities into complete financial statements.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the implications incorrect financial reports have on society as well as the ethical implications that come with financial reporting and related decisions. 
  • Apply generally accepted accounting principles and financial reporting standards to consolidated entities, partnerships, state and local governments, and not-for-profit organizations.
Learning Goal 3: Cost and Managerial Concepts

Graduates will be able to determine costs for products, inventories, operations or functions and compare actual to predetermined data. They will be able to analyze a variety of data for many day-to-day decisions as well as for longer-range decisions. 

Students will:

  • Examine business situations, apply the IMA Code of Ethics, and formulate an acceptable course of action.
  • Analyze historical data in order to estimate future costs and use appropriate models for management decision-making.
  • Understand cost behavior and calculate appropriate product costs within a designated business environment.
  • Prepare and interpret budgets and operating results through variance analysis.
Learning Goal 4: Tax Compliance and Research

Graduates will know how the external regulatory, legal, and ethical environments impact business decisions and financial reporting requirements.

Students will:

  • Apply Federal Tax Law and regulation in the determination of taxable liability.
  • Demonstrate competency in utilizing tax resource databases to search for tax authority (primarily Internal Revenue Code provisions) to answer specific federal income taxation questions and effectively present findings in written format.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify ethical issues in accounting and come to just conclusions
  • Use their accounting skills in service to the community.

Courses & Requirements

The Department of Accounting offers three degree programs:

1. Bachelor of Science/ Master of Business Administration (BS/MBA)- A 150-hour program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Master of Business Administration, with both degrees being conferred at the end of the fifth year.

2. Bachelor of Science/ Masters of Information Systems (BS/MS-IS) - A 150-hour program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Master in Information Systems, with both degrees being conferred at the end of the fifth year.

3. Bachelor of Science (BS)- A four-year undergraduate program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in business with a major in Accounting. This program also has been structured to qualify students for graduate study or to provide them with the comprehensive outlook that will prepare them for entry into the business world.

If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Accounting major, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.       



Accounting Service Organizations-

Give students the opportunity to meet accounting practitioners of various professional disciplines. Alumni frequently return to campus and share insights and work experiences to bring real-world experience to its students through such functions as guest lectures, seminars and office tours.

Meetings are open to all accounting majors.

Accounting Society

Institute of Management Accountants

Institute of Internal Auditors

After Graduation
Graduates of the accounting program have found opportunities in both the public and private accounting sectors. Long a renowned program for accounting in the Central New York area, the expansion of Le Moyne’s alumni base has now extended its accounting graduates nationwide, creating added employment opportunities for recent graduates. While attending Le Moyne many students have had the opportunity for finding part-time employment with local accounting firms, many of which are headed by Le Moyne graduates. 

After graduating from Le Moyne, our accounting students have gone on to excel in their CAREERS. Our students are currently employed at companies such as:

Bowers & Company CPAs, PLLC
Bristol Myers Squibb
Cadaret Grant
Citrin Cooperman
COR Development Inc.
D’Arcangelo and Co., LLP
Dannible & McKee, LLP
Dermody, Burke & Brown, CPAs
Defence Finance and Accounitng Services
DiMarco, Abiusi & Pascarella
Excellus BCBS
EFP Rotenberg
EY (Ernst and Young)
Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa, CPA, P.C.
Fust Charles Chambers LLP
Grossman St. Amour CPAs PLCC
Insero & Company
Lockheed Martin
Marquardt Switches Inc.
Mass Mutual
Mengel Metzger Barr & Co.
National Grid
New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
New York State Attorney General
Northeast Farm Credit
Riccelli Enterprises, Inc.
SAAB Sensis
Sandra Spencer, CPA
The Bonadio Group
Turning Stone Resort and Casino
Wojeski & Co. CPAs

Available Scholarships
  • Joe and Betty Dunne Accounting Scholarship Fund: Endowed by Mr. Joe Dunne ’55 and Mrs. Betty Dunne.
  • George L. DuPlessis Accounting Scholarship Fund: Endowed by Mr. George L. DuPlessis ’51
  • Frank Fernandez Scholarship Fund: Endowed by the Frank Fernandez Family and the local accounting community.
  • Robert C. Kehoe Scholarship: Endowed by Coopers & Lybrand, Certified Public Accountants to honor the memory of Robert C. Kehoe.
  • Horace J. Landry Scholarship: Endowed by Horace J. Landry.
  • Terry McCarthy Scholarship: Endowed by Green & Seifter, Certified Public Accountants.
  • Floyd J. Petosa Memorial Scholarship Fund: Endowed by family and friends of Mr. Floyd J. Petosa ’52.
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Daniel R. Brandhorst ’82 Memorial Scholarship: Endowed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP in memory of Daniel R. Brandhorst ’82.