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  • Karmen MacKendrick

    Karmen MacKendrick


    Reilly Hall 423
    Le Moyne College
    1419 Salt Springs Road
    Syracuse, NY 13214


    (315) 445-4159


    Professor of Philosophy. B.A., University of Colorado; Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook.

    Karmen MacKendrick combines philosophy with theology, cultural studies, and literary theory to pursue her fascinations with language and all things somatic. She is the author of Divine Enticement: Theological Seductions (Fordham UP, 2012), Fragmentation and Memory (Fordham UP, 2008), Word Made Skin (Fordham UP, 2004), Immemorial Silence (SUNY Press, 2001), counterpleasures (SUNY Press, 1999), and (with Virginai Burrus and Mark D. Jordan) Seducing Augustine (Fordham UP, 2010), along with various articles on related subjects. She teaches core classes (PHL 101, 201, and 409), philosophy electives, and Honors courses. Karmen was awarded the Joseph C. Georg Endowed Professorship for 2009-2012.

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