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Jesuit Heritage

A Jesuit education is not simply about reading from a textbook or researching information online.

Just what is a Jesuit education?

You’ve probably heard the term “Jesuit education,” but what exactly does that mean? Will it make a difference? Yes, it will. A Jesuit education is not simply about reading from a textbook or researching information online. It’s about educating the whole person: YOU! In the tradition of Jesuit education, you’ll learn to think on a larger scale and be encouraged to ask questions and challenge perceptions. A Jesuit education isn’t just about completing a college degree – although that’s something you’ll certainly accomplish here. It’s about an education of mind, body and soul, and instilling a love of learning, spiritual growth, and commitment to service that you’ll take with you long after you graduate from Le Moyne College.

The Search: What It Means to be Jesuit


Who was St. Ignatius? What is the Society of Jesus? And why is Jesuit education so important in today's world? Watch this short video and get answers to all these questions -- and more.

Who are the Jesuits?

Founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, the Society of Jesus began in 1534 at the University of Paris by a group of students dedicated to living in the service of God through education and allegiance to the Pope. Today, the Jesuits are the single-largest order of priests within the Catholic Church, comprised of approximately 17,000 working in over 100 countries on six continents. The Jesuits have been brought further into the spotlight recently with the election of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope. The order has long been known for its rigorous standard of education at schools and institutes of high learning around the world, including 28 universities and colleges in the United States. Le Moyne College is the second youngest Jesuit college in the U.S., although it’s been around since 1946, and those Jesuits who live and work on our campus continue to be an important presence here as they actively participate in their roles as clergy, professors, mentors, and spiritual guides for students and faculty.

Why choose Le Moyne College for a Jesuit education?

College isn’t just about choosing a major that will land you career opportunities. Of course, that’s important, but it’s not the entire picture. College is a time to learn about a variety of subjects you’ve always been interested in, about your ethical standards and your faith, about the person you want to be – today and tomorrow. Of course, in the Jesuit tradition, academic expectations are high and the liberal arts-based curriculum is challenging – but isn’t that what you want from a college education? However, a Jesuit education also cultivates mind, body and spirit. It builds leaders and individuals with a desire to serve others, and it forms students into those who aren’t afraid to examine their own values, attitudes and beliefs. Isn’t that the kind of person you want to be?