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Work at Le Moyne

Le Moyne is a great place to study and it's also a great place to work

Work at Le Moyne

Le Moyne College is an equal opportunity employer and encourages women, persons of color and Jesuits to apply for employment.

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Our Mission

 Le Moyne College is a diverse learning community that strives for academic excellence in the Catholic and Jesuit tradition through its comprehensive programs rooted in the liberal arts and sciences. Its emphasis is on education of the whole person and on the search for meaning and value as integral parts of the intellectual life.  Le Moyne College seeks to prepare its members for leadership and service in their personal and professional lives to promote a more just society.

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Timothy Barrett - Director of Human Resources 
Diann Darmody-Ferris - Assistant Director of Human Resources 
Amy Zubieta - Human Resources Specialist

Le Moyne College, located in Syracuse, N.Y., is an independent college established by the Jesuits in 1946 to provide students with a values-based, comprehensive academic program designed to foster intellectual excellence and preparation for a life of leadership and service. Today, Le Moyne has evolved into a nationally acclaimed college of liberal arts and sciences that draws students from across the U.S. and abroad.
Interested in learning more? Download the Le Moyne College Green Book, given to each new member of our community to help explain the Jesuit tradition in all that we do. 

Inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola's capacity to find God in all things, Le Moyne seeks to build a respectful, welcoming campus culture that celebrates difference and models inclusion. Uniqueness is expressed through gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age physical and mental attributes, and religious an political beliefs. A Catholic, Jesuit college has a particular responsibility to provide an environment for the safe and nurturing exploration of difference, while also offering rich, ample opportunities for students to pursue the Jesuit ideal of "education in dialogue with the world." 

These two awards are presented at Fall Convocation to honor outstanding work among members of the Le Moyne College community.  

The Ignatian Mission Award: Living the Le Moyne vision acknowledges an employee’s pursuit of the Le Moyne vision “to be a premier Jesuit college where diverse talents meet to foster academic excellence, integrity and a commitment to justice.” St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, believed that education should be driven by the purpose of seeking God in all things, and of promoting God’s kingdom thru the service of men and women. The Ignatian Mission Award is based on an employee’s commitment and support to Le Moyne's vision. 

The Annual Magis Award: Spirit of Excellence acknowledges employees’ pursuit of excellence throughout the year. “Magis” translated literally from Latin means “more.” Within the context of our Jesuit heritage, it refers to the value that St. Ignatius of Loyola placed on responding gratefully and generously to God’s goodness by striving for excellence in all that we do, and all that we are. To that end, the Annual Magis Award is based on a performance that exemplifies excellence beyond normal duties: service, leadership or through other professional contributions. 

2015 Magis Award Recipients:

  • Dale Wilson, administrative assistant (madden school of business)
  • Jim Dishaw, senior director of facilities management and planning

2015 Ignatian Mission Award Recipient:

  • Dan Orne, Ph.D., associate professor of management

In keeping with our mission, Le Moyne's faculty and staff work together throughout the year to give back to our community.  Each fall, the campus participates in "Le Moyne Cans Hunger" - a 12-week drive to support the Interreligious Food Consortium. The  College collects roughly a ton of food each year.  The campus has also worked together to provide books to students at Cathedral Academy at Pompei and to collect goods for Vera House. Le Moyne's Employee Forum also sponsors "Jeans Fridays" throughout the year to provide financial support to students, alumni, and community members suffering personal hardship.  

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Our college-wide commitment to prepare our students to think globally and appreciate other cultures, and encourage them to think in ways that are reflective, adaptive and emotionally intelligent.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Why We Do What We Do

Hear our professors speak to who they are, whom they love, and their hopes for the world we share.

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Students and faculty join 400,000 others from around the world to rally for the planet.

Why Le Moyne?

"The collegiality and whole-hearted commitment of my co-workers to the service of others, supporting others to realize their full potential. The creativity in the process of living this mission is what keeps me engaged every day in the workplace, and creates a broader sense of fulfillment in my life outside of work." - Pat Bliss, Director of the Center for Continuing Education

Heritage & Commitment

Office Information Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm. Office: Grewen Hall 209C Email: Phone: (315) 445-4155 Directions to the Office of Human Resources