Mykayla Cleary (BS, Sociology 2019; MSIS 2021)

Mykayla is a Sociology undergraduate student who is leading the IT Desktop Support team at Le Moyne, Mykayla studied the interface between voice-enabled systems and health information systems as her McDevitt Information Systems Research project. Mykayla led a team of 10 consultants and desktop support analysts as the College pivoted to hybrid and on-line learning in the space of a week in March 2020. It was Mykayla and her team that met faculty and staff in the parking lot of Mitchell Hall to update laptops, roll out webcams and make sure that the Le Moyne community was connected; it was also Mykayla and her team that shipped laptops and mobile hotspots to students who were stranded without Internet or reliable computing when the pandemic hit. Mykayla led the team that kept Le Moyne technologically afloat over the past year, at the same time that she was completing her Master's degree. Kudos to Mykayla and her team!

Noah Woods (BA, Philosophy 2018; MSIS 2021)

The work that Noah Woods does is definitely global in nature. As a trade and traffic analyst at Marquardt Switches, Woods ’21 leads the group at the center of meeting the Marquardt’s supply chain challenges. He helps to source materials and components from the company’s worldwide manufacturing and operations facilities in Tanzania, Switzerland, Germany and China, as well as from across the United States. In true Le Moyne fashion, he is also helping tos connect Le Moyne students to analyst and internship roles at Marquardt, as he transitions to a new role in supply chain and distribution management at Mackenzie-Childs.

Sismay Betancourt (BS, Accounting 2020; MSIS 2021)

Sismay is a bilingual MSIS student who internships have stretched from a tax role in an accounting firm; to DuPont's roll out of Workday, a human resource information system, to remote operations in 10 countries; and include service to the Syracuse community as an intern at the Samaritan Center, where she played a key role in implementing their new kiosk-based volunteer management system.

Scheyan Moran (BS, Finance and Information Systems 2017; MSIS 2021)

Scheyan is a senior full stack developer at BNYMellon, where she is responsible for their trade technology development efforts. Following her graduation from Le Moyne in 2017, Scheyan took a role at Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield and then joined BNYMellon as a Quantitative Data Analyst in 2018. Her education and professional roles blend her interests in systems and analytics, and play a central role in the development of financial technology systems and infrastructure.