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    Photo JC Eallonardo

    May 11, 2018

    JC Eallonardo ’14

    The problem-solving, critical-thinking and communication skills that JC Eallonardo ’14 developed as a math major at Le Moyne guide him every day of his professional life. Eallonardo is a web analytics specialist at the influencer marketing firm Terakeet. He helps his clients identify opportunities and makes content and technical recommendations, while monitoring and reporting on their online success.


    A native of Syracuse, N.Y., Eallonardo gravitated toward math at an early age. He was drawn to its “objective nature and logical order,” and the fact that, in math, things are either true or false. That was affirmed at Le Moyne, where he was encouraged to explore as many different aspects of the discipline as possible, including high-level theoretical math, and was introduced to the wide array professional opportunities available to him as a math major. Eallonardo also found “a small, community atmosphere where you don’t get lost in the shuffle.” He completed an internship at the National Security Administration and became increasingly comfortable with complexity and change.


    Today Eallonardo spends hours a day looking for answers in “mountains of data.” But that is just part of his role. He also writes reports and participates in spirited debates during staff meetings, during which he must logically argue his point. He credits Le Moyne with providing him with these valuable, easily transferable skills. Since graduating, he has stayed involved at Le Moyne. He recently came to Le Moyne as part of Terakeet Day, talking to students about the company and his work there. As for his own professional future, his goal is simple: to continue to grow.

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