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    Erin Engelhardt '02

    October 21, 2020

    Erin Engelhardt '02

    What made you decide to transfer to Le Moyne?

    My decision to transfer to Le Moyne was last minute. I knew I wanted to leave my previous institution during the fall of my sophomore year and planned to take the spring semester off (much to my mother's dismay!)  On a whim I reached out to Le Moyne and met with Pat Bliss the day before Thanksgiving. I submitted an application (written in pencil) on the spot after just feeling like it would be a good fit for me. I had been on campus multiple times as a kid for camps, basketball games and "Kids Night Out" run through the athletics department, but never gave Le Moyne a shot as a high school student because I felt it was too close to home. 


    What surprised you most about the experience?

    Coming from a large school, I laughed out loud in my first class at Le Moyne when the professor called roll! At my previous institution I am not sure any of my faculty members knew my name in the three semesters I attended  and many classes enrolled hundreds of students. The most pleasant surprise was the Le Moyne community. I was able to truly pack four years of memories and experiences into the two-and-a-half years I actually attended Le Moyne. I have such fond memories from the classroom, lacrosse field, as an RA in Dablon and Harrison halls, on Campus Ministry retreats, the Office of Student Development, the Senior Show, and too many nights at the 'Shire.


    Something that surprised me about my experience was my connection to the Jesuit mission, which then led me to work at Seattle University, another amazing community where I worked for 14 years!


    Anything unique or interesting you can share about transferring?

    I was not exactly planning to play lacrosse again after I transferred to Le Moyne. The first weekend I was on campus I ran into a former high school opponent who recognized me and asked where I went to school (assuming I was just visiting). When I told her I had just transferred she immediately recruited me and called Coach Kloidt's office late on a Saturday night to announce there was  a new member of the team!  I will always be grateful for that random interaction as being a member of the lacrosse team was such a highlight of my Le Moyne experience.

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