Colette Montgomery '12, a criminology major, now serves her alma mater as the Assistant Director of Multicultural Admission at Le Moyne. Utilizing the skills she learned on the Heights, Colette is responsible for recruiting the next cohort of Dolphins. 

Name: Colette Montgomery '12

Major: Criminology

Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Employer/Position: Le Moyne College, Assistant Director of Multicultural Admission

How has your Le Moyne education impacted your career thus far as a young professional? 
My Le Moyne education has given me the skills to be able to give a presentation to anyone, anywhere, and on almost anything! I was always encouraged by faculty and staff to step out of my comfort zone. Being uncomfortable at times allowed me to learn how to move past that feeling to a feeling of relaxation and ease. 

Professional tips for recent graduates? 
Greet everyone no matter who they are/ what they do. Learn more than just your job responsibilities. It is always great to be able to step in and help out when needed.