Identity Overview

To support our brand and bring our words and images to life, we must present a strong and consistent visual identity. The coordinated use of our College logo along with a consistent typographic style, allows our schools and departments to represent themselves within the larger college branding. Our established green and gold color scheme distinguishes us from other colleges and universities and an expanded secondary palette, inspired by the Jesuit ideals, combine to create a vibrant range of color choices. A defined photo style allows us to tell our story through images that capture our unique personality and our mission. We use these design elements to create a unified visual identity.

Le Moyne College logo College Logo

Learn more about the history and proper usage of the college's official logo. Downloads available.

Le Moyne College Seal College Seal

Learn about the history of the seal and proper usage. Downloads available.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Official Colors

Go green and gold! See our color palette and learn about the proper use.

Photo style at Le Moyne College Photo Style

We tell our story through the photos we take. Find tips on how to make them reflect our mission and show personality, creativity and style.

Le Moyne College Stationery College Stationery

View the design of our letterhead, envelope, and find out how to place an order.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Video Style

Think forward. Values in action. Meaningful success. These are ideals that we tell through our stories. Our videos need to tell our story through the experiences of our students. Video you take is valuable to us. Learn more!